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Registration Now Open for IWPA’s 2nd Virtual World of Wood Convention

T5,Tháng Sáu 17,2021

Alexandria, Virginia – After eight years at the helm of the International Wood Products Association (IWPA), Executive Director Cindy Squires is leaving the wood products space and returning to manufacturing to be President and CEO of the American Composites Manufacturers Association on July 1. Squires made the following statement:

“It has been my absolute privilege to serve as IWPA’s Executive Director. I am extremely proud of the time I spent at IWPA and cherish the many relationships that I have built over this time. I leave knowing we have worked together to build our industry’s capacity to tackle all the challenges that impact the wood products trade.

“I joined IWPA in March of 2013. We started our journey putting together a new mission statement and strategic plan. IWPA’s mission to build acceptance and demand in North America for globally sourced wood products from sustainably managed forests made it possible to chart a daring new course for IWPA. We built a new Wood Trade Compliance education program, became a trusted voice for the imported wood community, led a negotiated solution to TSCA formaldehyde emission regulation litigation that saved inventories, and helped our members through many trade, regulatory and legal challenges together.

“I will always be extremely proud of the time I spent here at IWPA and cherish the many relationships that I have built over this time. You have a very competent and dedicated team at IWPA. IWPA has a very active Board and Committee chairs and many dedicated volunteers. This team is what makes IWPA so successful.”

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