who we are

Established in 2000, the Vietnam Timber & Forest Products Association (VIFORES), is a local non-governmental organization, representing the community of wood and non-wood forest products processing companies, plantation establishments and wood trading (import/export) companies.

VIFORES has over 1,000 member companies. It maintains close ties and connections with wood industry associations operating in different locations/regions of Vietnam.

The main activities of VIFORES are focused on: 
– providing advices/consultancies for policy-
and decision-making agencies,

– supporting member companies in investments and trade promotion, product marketing, training and global integration.

The main channel for VIFORES’s communication with member companies and relevant clients is the bilingual (Vietnamese & English) magazine “GoViet – VietWood) which is issued monthly in printed and electronic versions.

branch system

1- Binh Duong Wood Processing Association (BIFA)
2- Dong Nai Wood Association (DOWA)
3- Forest Products Association of Binh Dinh (FPA Binh Dinh)
4- Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City (HAWA)
5- Wood and Forest Products Association of Thanh Hoa Province (TH VIFORES)
6- Woodchip Association of Vietnam
7- Plywood Association of Vietnam (GODAN)
8- Wood Pellet Association

consulting team


Trade promotions
Trainings/ workshops/ events

request for providers

Join our community and grow with us. VIFOREST represents wood companies in Vietnam. We create value for our members by uniting businesses, providing them with opportunities for improvement and growth, and representing them with a powerful voice. Join our community and grow with us.

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