Emerged as a leading wood and wood product (W&WP) producer and trader in the world, in 2022, Vietnam’s W&WP exports amounted to 16 billion USD. W&WPs from Vietnam are destined to 132 markets of the world.

With tremendous efforts made by relevant stakeholder groups engaged in W&WP supply chains to meet world environmental and technical requirements, W&WPs produced in Vietnam are getting high preference in big markets, including the US, China, Japan, South Korea and EU. In 2022, the W&WP exports to these markets amounted to US$8.7 billion, US$2.1 billion, US$1.88 billion, US$1.0 billion and US$655 million respectively. Wooden furniture made in Vietnam are purchased and distributed in the globe by various leading dealers such as IKEA, Walmart, CB2, John Lewis, Gallery, Homebase, Mark&Spencer, Scandinavian and so on.

Proactively proceeding with the on-ground implementation of VPA/FLEGT, Lacey Act and the Vietnam-US Agreement on …, Japanese Clean Wood Act, Australian Illegal Wood Act etc. Vietnamese Government has reinforced the timber legality assurance system (VNTLAS).

To assure sustainable management of forest resources and contribute to green development worldwide, various certificate schemes, including FSC, PEFC and VFCS, have been promoted and enlarged in Vietnam, while DDS has been seriously practiced to avoid risks associated with imported timber.

Vietnam has concluded 15 free trade agreement (FTA), including CPTPP, RCEPT, EVFTA and bilateral FTAs with Japan, China, Australia etc. to assure import/export preferential tariffs and ease trade transactions with various trade partners.

With comparative advantage available from hard-working and lower-cost and abundant planted wood, Vietnam has become a reliable supplier of diverse types of wooden products with reasonable price, including indoor/outdoor furniture, woodchip, woodpellet and wood-based panels.

Improved logistic services with a large system of sea harbors from the North to South of the country, W&WPs from Vietnam can be shipped to any market with competitive freight and wood as raw material (log and lumber) is exempted of any import tax while entering Vietnamese market.

A series of W&WP and woodworking technology/machine trade fairs/shows are conducted annually attracting more and more trade partners and visitors engaged in forestry and wood industry sectors in many parts of the world.

Above all, Vietnam represents a hub of global initiatives/processes towards sustainable forest management and responsible wood industry development. Utilizing planted available from around 3 million ha of commercial plantation (mostly of acacia tree) and 1 million of rubber farms plus some 6 million m3 of imported wood, worldwide, Vietnam is seen as the second supplier of wooden furniture China and fifth exporter of all W&WPs of all types.